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          1. PRODUCT DISPLAY

            Adhering to the commitment of providing users with high quality, high reliability products and timely and effective services. View more

            ABOUT US

            Xuzhou Meirui Machinery Co., Ltd

            Quality first, integrity win-win

            Xuzhou Meirui Machinery Co., Ltd.Xuzhou Meirui Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and manufacturing of gear pumps. The company has strong technical force, perfect quality assurance system, sophisticated inspection methods and modern management system. The main parts are manufactured by imported CNC machine…

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            • Construction machinery

              In the normal operation of construction machinery, it is usually controlled by the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system needs a certain power system to transmit the liquid. In the actual production, this power system usually uses plunger pump and gear pump. The selection of gear pump and plunger pump needs to be based on the actual situation of the project (such as the function of the equipment, the requirements for the hydraulic system, the control of the manufacturing cost, the working environment of the equipment, etc.), not only considering the needs of the equipment, but also considering the needs of the environment, maintenance cost, etc., while gear pump and plunger pump have different advantages and disadvantages , even under specific conditions, it can be interchanged, so designers should be careful about the selection of pumps when designing construction machinery. If the gear pump can meet the requirements after some improvement, the priority should be given to the selection of gear pump, and try not to use the plunger pump with high requirements for environment, fluid filtration and maintenance.
            • Petrochemical industry

              CB-MG,MAP2.5,MAP3.5,MDP2.5,MHP3 series gear pumps are mainly used in petroleum machinery. Based on the function and performance requirements of Polymer Gear Pumps in petrochemical production, the tooth profile equation of the fully closed tooth profile meshing profile is derived by using the gear meshing principle, and the numerical calculation program of the tooth profile corresponding is completed, and the three-dimensional solid modeling of the gear rotor and the movement of the gear assembly body are carried out The research of simulation, the assembly simulation with gear three-dimensional modeling and the analysis of the interference and backlash of the meshing pair assembly, can judge whether the gear profile shape is correct or not before machining.
            • Industrial vehicles

              The company's high-pressure gear pump and motor can also be used in the hydraulic system of industrial vehicles such as fixed platform carriers, tractors, pushers, lifting vehicles, etc.
            • Agricultural machinery

              MKP0.5、MKP1、MAP1、MAP1.5、MAP2 series high-pressure gear pumps are mainly used in agricultural machinery, including agricultural power machinery, farmland construction machinery, soil farming machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, plant protection machinery, farmland drainage and irrigation machinery, crop harvesting machinery, agricultural product processing machinery, animal husbandry machinery and agricultural transportation machinery.
            • New energy

              In the application of new energy vehicles, hydraulic power system includes hydraulic power actuator and hydraulic power control device. The hydraulic power execution device includes an electric motor, a hydraulic gear pump and a first hydraulic cylinder. The motor drives the hydraulic gear pump and causes the first hydraulic cylinder to perform work. The hydraulic power control device includes a hydraulic pressure switch, which detects the oil pressure in the hydraulic power actuator and turns off the power supply of the motor when it reaches a predetermined threshold value. The utility model drives the hydraulic gear pump through the electric motor, and then makes the hydraulic oil cylinder perform the work, thus realizing the power battery as the power source of the hydraulic power system, and further realizing the application of the hydraulic power system in the new energy vehicle. In addition, when the hydraulic power actuator is in a certain position, the motor stops working, which can improve the energy utilization efficiency.
            • Metallurgical equipment

              With the successful research and development of the multi-functional rammer, Meirui Machinery Co., Ltd. has begun to enter the metallurgical industry of industrial silicon, ferroalloy ore, silicon calcium, etc. This product uses SolidWorks software to carry out the finite element analysis on the structure of the working device of the multi-functional rammer, and finds out the weak area of its structural strength. Based on the analysis results, the structure of the working device is optimized, the structural strength is improved, and the material cost is saved. Finite element analysis is a very effective method to shorten product development cycle, improve product reliability and reduce production cost.


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            Motor characteristics

            2020-01-17 1.Compact structure, small size and light weightIt consists of aluminum alloy front cover, intermedia… View details

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            Contact us

            Xuzhou Meirui Machinery Co., Ltd

            24-hour service:13952234320

            Address: Yuntian Logistics Park, 3 Huawang Road, Tongshan District, Xuzhou

            Postcode: 221000

            Contact: Mr. Zhao

            Fax: 0516-85779766

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